Your wedding comes and goes so fast! Preserving your wedding flowers can be a fantastic way to hold on to an actual piece of this lifetime event. In this post, we will go over our three favorite ways to preserve your blooms so that they can stand the test of time. 

Pressed Flowers:

This is one of the most popular ways to preserve flowers. Pressing flowers can be a simple, cost effective way to extend the life of your wedding blooms. The first step in the pressing process is to select the flowers you intend to use and lay them on a sheet of wax paper. The wax paper is used to allow the flowers to lift easily after the pressing is complete. 

The next step is to arrange the flowers in the way you would like. (You will not be able to change their arrangement once the drying is complete). Now place the flowers inside the pages of a large, heavy book. Lastly, place one last sheet of wax paper on top of the flowers to prevent the ink of the book from rubbing on the flowers. Once your flowers are arranged inside of the book, place a heavy object (like more books or loaded up bag) on top of the book. 

Now comes the hard part… leave the flowers alone! 😂 Leave the flowers in their pressing for a week to a week and a half. Once the flowers are pressed you may do with them whatever you want! Frame them or scrapbook them! These are your flowers so make sure you do with them what you want. 

Hanging flowers:

One of the simplest ways to preserve your wedding flowers is to hang them upside down. When attempting to preserve a full bouquet it is virtually impossible to find a book large enough to be able to press them. A great alternative is to hang them! You can dry a whole bouquet together or dry each flower separately.

Start by cutting anything that ties the crown of the bouquet together and allow the flowers to fall freely. Tie a length of string tight around the stems of the flowers and hang upside down in a dry, warm area of your house that doesn’t get much traffic. (A closet or guest bedroom works best) Then comes the hard part again; wait for at least a week!

When the blooms are finally dried, be extra careful when moving because they are considerably more fragile. Arrange your dried wedding flowers in a vase or place them on your mantle or bookcase to be able to remember this sweet memory for years to come! Here are some other ways to hang them!


One of the most creative ways to save your wedding flowers is with resin. This is a little bit more expensive and time-consuming, but can yield fantastic results! Go to your nearest hobby store and purchase a mold in the shape you would like (We personally like spherical or rectangular molds!).

Second, fill half of the mold with resin and then arrange your flowers in the way that you would like. Then fill the rest of the mold with resin. Once the resin is dry (wait a day or so) remove the mold and you will have a treasure from your wedding that will stand the test of time! Make sure to ask your wedding florist on how to preserve your flowers. Also, ask them these questions!

We love wedding and event flowers and taking a couple minutes to preserve these beauties will provide long lasting memories. If you have any questions or want to get in touch with us about any wedding floral needs just contact us below!

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