About Us

Hi there! It’s nice to “meet” you!

I serve as the Owner and Designer of Restoration Blooms and have the pleasure of designing creative, elegant, and hand-crafted floral.

Flowers have become my greatest passion, and I have never been happier than getting to create pieces every day that help turn my client’s dreams into a reality.

My spark for floral design began as I worked as an event planner for many years and had the opportunity to create flowers for smaller events.

The more I worked on this side of the events, the further I fell in love with every part of the process. I live a fast-paced and busy life as a mom of four kids, and I realized working in the floral business was the one thing that forced me to slow down.

Designing flowers is a delicate process that forces you to be patient, gentle, and focused as you work from start to finish. We live in a chaotic world, and as a florist, I crave getting to invest and reflect on this work.

The name Restoration Blooms came as I implemented restoration of my own life. When you're forced to slow down, you realize there's a beautiful thing on the other side.

It’s a joy getting to bring others into this part of my story. The relationship I build with my clients is unique because of my events background. I can see how floral fits into the big picture and know the importance of communication throughout the entire process.

My focus is on listening and finding the best solution to bring each client's vision to life and treating their event as my own. I serve as a source of knowledge of new trends and am committed to continual learning and growth.

As a Knoxville native, I have incredible insights into venues, locations, and local trends as I have had the privilege to observe this market from various perspectives. 

Are you seeking out a florist in the Knoxville area?

We are thrilled to provide full-service boutique wedding and event floral. Arrangements and designs include bouquets, venue decoration, table decoration, and more!

We would be honored to work alongside you on any of your upcoming floral needs.

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