They said yes! You popped the champagne and the engagement pic was posted and it's your most liked post ever! You have heart eyes all the time and you’re almost ready to spend the rest of your life with that special person! Woo hoo!

But wait… now you have to start planning that dream wedding that’s on your Pinterest board. While it may seem like an easy task it only takes a couple of minutes of research to see that your options for every detail of your wedding can be incredibly complicated.

Well, I am here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way, at least for flowers ;) Here are the 4 biggest questions to ask your wedding florist that will make your life 10x easier!

#1. The Essentials

I know this seems like an easy one but a lot of brides start talking to a florist without even thinking about their availability! Some floral designers might also send one of their own florists in their place to arrange your wedding and may never actually be there themselves, this is an important question to ask!

#2. The Flowers

Do you have a picture-perfect design in mind? Do you have a picture that you want your florist to recreate? Make sure to show the florist your pictures so that they can tell you if they can recreate these arrangements!

Pictures in your head that are never communicated are as good as gone, so to make as much of your dream a reality communicate, communicate, communicate.

#3. The Costs

The budget! This 6 letter word can tarnish many wedding dreams, but a good florist can work with any budget. Ask your florist what will be blooming around the time of your wedding. If you love peonies, but are planning a winter wedding you will be paying top dollar.  Using mostly in-season flowers is always the best way to maximize your floral budget. There are many lovely blooms that are available year round so incorporating those will help you maximize your budget.

#4. Portfolio and Design

Whether you’ve had a dream wedding in your head since you were five years old or whether you have no idea what you want with your flowers, talk to your florist! They most likely have worked with clients like you before and can help you achieve your dream wedding.

Ask your florist what kind of design style they use (ex: rustic, modern, traditional, bo-ho). This is such a great way to see if your florist knows your style! If they have never worked with your style before this could be a red flag.

A second question to consider when thinking about design is the florist’s use of props, vases, and other decor. A truly unique florist can use many different types of props to propel your wedding to cloud nine!

There are many more questions to ask your florist, but these are the four best ones to start with. Communication is key when it comes to planning a wedding and your floral designer can be one of your greatest advantages, so make sure to use them;) Remember, whether you’re just dreaming about that special day or you’re running out of time make sure to ask these questions of your wedding florist!

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