Who Gets Flowers at a Wedding?

Dress? Check. Catering? Check. Flowers?? Wait.. who gets those again? 

It is easy to overlook this simple yet essential detail of who specifically gets flowers, bouquets, and boutonnieres at your wedding, but we are here to help! Here is a complete list of which persons should receive floral additions at your wedding. 

The Bride

Pretty simple here! The bride receives the bridal bouquet and any additional arrangements for the getaway or for the bouquet toss. Remember, the bridal bouquet should complement the dress and not be too extravagant to overshadow it. Here are ideas of bridal bouquets that we have done:

The Groom

The groom wears a boutonniere on the left suspender or lapel of their suit jacket or button-down shirt. The boutonniere’s colors should complement the bridal bouquet as there will be many pictures of the bride and groom together, and you do not want this to be the detail that clashes.

The Bridesmaids

Each bridesmaid should hold a bouquet. Bridesmaid bouquets should not be as elegant as the bride’s bouquet as you don’t want to take away from who the day is all about anyways!

The Groomsmen/Ushers

The groomsmen and ushers should follow the groom’s suit and wear a boutonniere. It is still a tradition to pin the boutonniere to the chest, suspender, or lapel, whether wearing a jacket or not. 

Family of the Bride

The grandmother and mother of the bride should receive corsages that can be worn in various ways. The most popular ways to wear a corsage are by pinning the corsage to the woman’s clothing or by wearing the arrangement on the wrist. For the grandfather and father of the bride, it is customary to wear boutonnieres. Professional tip for grandparents: Let them choose where they want to wear their flower arrangements.

Family of the Groom

Likewise, the mother and grandmother of the groom should receive corsages. Following suit, the father and grandfather of the bride should also wear boutonnieres. 

Ceremony Officiant/Readers

The officiant should receive a boutonniere as he is the one who is leading the ceremony. It is not necessary to give usher’s boutonnieres. Still, it does help signify them as important, so if guests need assistance, they know who to go to. Any male readers should also receive a boutonniere. 

Flower Girl/Ring Bearer

It is customary for the flower girl to receive some sort of floral arrangement to throw out of her basket. An optional touch is to add several flowers to the flower girl’s hairstyle or a flower crown; this should make her beam from ear to ear!

Lastly, your guests are here for you! When you are deciding who gets flowers at a wedding, give them to whoever you think is important. If you want to provide flowers for the family dog, give FIDO some florals!!!

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