There are so many details to think about when planning your wedding, and one of the most important is your wedding florist! While it may be a bit clearer when to book your venue and when to order your dress, it may be challenging to know when to book your florist. The following three ideas should guide your search!


Let’s just get straight to it! The best time to book your wedding florist is about 9-10 months out from the date of your wedding. While this may seem like a long time out from your wedding, it is essential to start searching because you never know if the florist you love will be booked or not. Certain seasons have more weddings, and getting a headstart will release some of those critical stressors! 

When you first meet with your florist, you must have a few key points official before you book them. The first is to make sure you have your wedding date confirmed! How terrible would it be to book your florist without a date picked out and come back later only to realize that they are booked for that date! Have your wedding date in hand as you start considering your vendors. The earlier you select your florist, the more choices you will have if something falls through in your original plans. Also, if your dreams change and you want to revise your designs, this extra time gives you a buffer to do so!


But what about the details?! What if I don’t know what I want yet?! That’s okay! It is a florist’s job to help you figure out how your color choices will enhance your bouquets. It is also important to know that your florist will work with your floral budget to maximize the arrangements and amount of florals with your dollars! Similar flowers may look like your favorites; they just are less expensive! Be sure to bring your floral budget with you as you select your florist, as you will learn if they will or won’t be able to work with your budget. Price, color, style, season, and many other details are hard to understand, but your florist will be able to help you!


This is your big day! You want a florist you trust, making the little decisions to help your dreams come true. If you don’t feel comfortable with your florist’s ability or communication skills, DON’T BOOK THEM! If you feel like you won’t be able to truly share your vision and dreams for your big day, that is a big red flag that you should look elsewhere. If you want to learn whether or not your wedding florist is capable, look at their gallery! Read some reviews! Are they able to work with your floral budget? How do past clients talk about them? Check out our gallery for some inspiration!

This is your big day, and there are so many details! So, getting a head start on this portion of your wedding now will take a massive weight off your shoulders as your dream day draws near!

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