What makes a spring bouquet special?

Well, there are so many different types of flowers in bloom that you have a tremendous variety to choose from! Nothing says spring like these bouquet ideas we’ve gathered below. Whether you lean more towards elegant tones or textures bursting with life, spring wedding bouquets have it all!

What flowers are in season?

Below is a list of flowers that are in season during the spring months. A gorgeous bouquet accompanies each for your inspiration! These stunning arrangements utilize classic spring yellows, pinks, greens, and purples!


Photo: Jesse Leake


Photo: Jasmine Lee


Photo: Jenny Fu


Photo: Lacie Hansen


Photo: Veronica Lola


Photo: Lauren Fair


Photo: Aaron and Jillian


Photo: EKFloral


Photo: Arden Photography


Photo: Forsythia Florals


Photo: Where Bee’s Meet

Cherry Blossoms

Photo: Rebecca Yale


Photo: Lauren Fair


Photo: Natalie Bray


Photo: Cloud 9

Sweet Peas

Photo: Julie Livingston


Photo: Off BEET Productions


Photo: Dennis Coronel

Whether you are looking for dynamic textures, simple color pallets, or exotic florals, ensure that your wedding bouquet represents your personality as best you can! Your wedding florist should be able to help you capture your dreams and put them in your hand for your big day! If you are looking for a wedding florist or want more inspiration, contact us at Restoration Blooms! We would love to help your dream-day dreams come true!

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